Deputy Chief

Major Joseph Manning joined the Bluffton Police Department in 2013 after serving 27 years with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. Major Manning is the Deputy Chief overseeing the day-to-day operations. He is also in command of the Strategic Response Team, Internal Affairs as well as Community Relations. Major Manning holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Springfield College. He is also a graduate of the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, the Senior Leadership Program and the FBI Police Executive Fellowship Program where he served in the Counterterrorism Division, National joint Terrorism Task Force. He also just recently graduated from the Northwestern University, School of Police Staff and Command, Class 379. Major Manning is currently working towards receiving his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice in Public Administration from Liberty University.

In mid-2015, tryouts were carried out for what would become the Bluffton Police Department’s first Strategic Response Team. This team of officers trains monthly and is on-call for a variety of situations like high risk warrants, perimeters, and tactical operations. Internal Affairs involves investigations of police officers who have been reported to break policy or conduct criminal behavior. The sole purpose of an IA unit is to investigate and find the truth if a police officer is accused of misconduct. Major Manning and the Community Relations Manager work closely in keeping the public informed and educated on what the Bluffton Police Department is doing on a regular basis.

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