Emergency Management

Lieutenant Joe Babkiewicz oversees the Emergency Management and Training Division. The division consists of emergency response to a natural disaster or incident, training of the officers and holding training classes for other agencies, leading the School Resource Officers and the five part-time School Crossing Guards, and planning and carrying out Community Events. The Emergency Management and Training Division is also responsible for the recruiting and hiring of all sworn officers and the K-9 Program. 

In order for the Emergency Management Division to offer leadership and assistance during a natural disaster or major incident, they create operation plans beforehand for each natural or man-made disaster to mitigate the situation if it were to arise.

The Training Department tracts all certifications officers are required to have and/or need to acquire. They are also informed of training that isn’t required for each but would be helpful to their daily duties. Throughout the year the Bluffton Police Department Training Division acts as a host to law enforcement agencies across the region for various different courses from Negotiation Tactics, Drug Recognition, Police Chief’s Core Training, and much more.

A School Resource Officer has a diverse roll in the school community and has many duties and responsibilities. A SRO is a sworn officer assigned to a school on a long-term basis, trained to perform three major roles; a law enforcement officer, a law-related counselor, and a law-related educator. In addition, the officer works in collaboration with the school and the community as a resource for safety and security issues.

The department plans, manages and arranges more than 400 community events each year. To offering the venue, providing equipment and security detail, community events are a very important part of the department and Town.

The department's K-9 Program was developed in 2016 with two German Shepherds from Czechoslovakia. The two male Shepherds will be used for narcotics detection, tracking, building searches, suspect apprehension and handler protection scenarios. 


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