Flooding/Drainage Concerns

Steps to Minimize Drainage Problems

  1. Keep ditches, storm drainage inlets and curb and gutter along streets free and clear of debris. Debris can clog storm drainage infrastructure and cause flooding
  2. Only rain goes down the drain. If something other than stormwater is running through a ditch or going down a storm drain, notify the County’s Non-Emergency Number at 843 524-2777. In case of an emergency, always dial 911

Perform routine inspections on your storm drainage infrastructure to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Town of Bluffton Contact information – If you have any questions please contact the Town at 843 706-4500 or at growthmanagementcs[at]townofbluffton.com.

Flooding/Drainage Concerns FAQs

Take bagged yard debris to one of the Beaufort County Convenience Centers. See the following link for the Convenience Center locations.

The Town does have a drainage maintenance program to ensure that certain storm drainage infrastructure is functioning properly.

You may contact the Town at 843 706-4500 or at growthmanagementcs[at]townofbluffton.com to inquire about maintenance of storm drainage infrastructure.

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