Watershed Management

The Town of Bluffton’s Stormwater and Watershed Management Division within the Engineering Department is directly responsible for developing, implementing and promoting initiatives in support of the Town’s Strategic Plan, specifically Focus Area: The May River and Surrounding Rivers and Watersheds, and the following guiding principles:

  1. Principle 1 – Support initiatives, such as the May River Watershed Action Plan, to improve water quality of the May, Okatie/Colleton and New Rivers and their watersheds.
  2. Principle 2 – Seek collaboration and partnerships that protect, and improve the May, Okatie/Colleton and New Rivers and their watersheds.
  3. Principle 3 – Celebrate the May River and its heritage, and importance to the community.

The Division’s Mission is to understand, strengthen and preserve the relationships between our community and its watersheds. Our Vision is to establish Bluffton as regional - and national -recognized leader in watershed management through local actions.

The Division is responsible for implementing the May River Watershed Action Plan, implementing the Town’s MS4 Program, water quality monitoring and testing, master plan and development plan compliance reviews, construction site inspections: Best Management Practices, developing and enforcing the Town’s stormwater ordinance: BMP maintenance inspection and post construction testing program, provide representation on the County Stormwater Utility Board, and manage the septic system assistance program.

The Town of Bluffton Stormwater Division can answer questions or address concerns associated with drainage in and around your property. Typical concerns include:

  • Wet areas in yard
  • Erosion at stormwater outfalls
  • Broken or blocked stormwater pipes
  • Stream bank erosion
  • Excessive water runoff affecting private property
  • Debris jam in drainage channel
  • Illegal/unknown discharge
  • Infrastructure

For technical assistance and/or to set up a time for a site visit, please contact Bill Baugher, Stormwater Manager, at wbaugher[at]townofbluffton.com  or call 843 706-7805 for more information.

You may also contact the Town at 843 706-4500 or at growthmanagementcs[at]townofbluffton.com to report a flooding or drainage concern, an illicit discharge, or to find out more information about the Town of Bluffton’s Stormwater Management Division.

Watershed Annual Report

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