Emergency Management

Captain Joe Babkiewicz oversees the Emergency Management and Training Division. The division consists of emergency response to a natural disaster or incident, Community Events and the K9 Program. 

In order for the Emergency Management Division to offer leadership and assistance during a natural disaster or major incident, they create operation plans beforehand for each natural or man-made disaster to mitigate the situation if it were to arise.

The department plans, manages and arranges more than 400 community events each year. To offering the venue, providing equipment and security detail, community events are a very important part of the department and Town.

The department's K-9 Program was developed in 2016 with two German Shepherds, named Hunden and Teeko, from Czechoslovakia. Then in 2017, the department acquired two more German Shepherds named Frankie and Koda. All of the K9s are used for narcotics detection, tracking, building searches, suspect apprehension and handler protection scenarios. 



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