Support Services

Lieutenant Christian Gonzales oversees the Support Services Division which consists of several components: Budget, Records and Evidence, Court Security, Town Council security, Training and Hiring of all officers, Quartermaster/Fleet Maintenance, the Chaplain Program, CALEA accreditation, Interns, Volunteers and provides fingerprinting for a variety of reasons. The Support Services Division is currently comprised of one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, one Class 3 officer, and three civilians.

The Records section stores all police reports, forms and documents for the Department. The Records section holds files pertaining to arrests, incidents, and accidents, and distributes these files in accordance with Department’s policy and federal guidelines, such as the Freedom of Information Act. The Class 3 Officer assigned to Support Services also conducts court security once a week, and Town Council security once a month. The Evidence section has the overall mission to accept, catalog, safeguard, store, produce as required, and then dispose of all evidence and property that comes into the custody of the Bluffton Police Department. They also return property to the legal owners when applicable and provide fingerprinting for the public. This service is done at the Bluffton Police Department Mondays-Thursdays 12PM-4PM and on Fridays 8AM-12PM. The Support Services Division also oversees the Chaplain Program. We currently have eight Chaplains. Reverend John Ring is the lead Chaplain for the Bluffton Police Department as well as the minister of family counseling and community outreach for Grace Coastal Church in Okatie. Finally, the volunteers are the true backbone to the Bluffton Police Department with helping to answer phones, complete necessary work and they have an important role in a community service we provide called Community Assistance Response Efforts.

The Training section of Support Services tracts all certifications officers are required to have and/or need to acquire. They are also informed of training that isn’t required for each but would be helpful to their daily duties. Throughout the year the Bluffton Police Department Training Division acts as a host to law enforcement agencies across the region for various different courses from Negotiation Tactics, Drug Recognition, Police Chief’s Core Training, and much more.

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